Picking your page social media image

Some social media services use Open Graph tags to define what content is displayed when a post is shared.

To choose an image to be shown on your social media posts, Add an image meta tag.

Find the image's address

  1. Select and right click the image you'd like to use as your Open Graph image.
  2. Select "Copy Image Address”.
  3. Paste this image address in a text editor or in a note on your machine to save it for a later step.

Add the OpenGraph meta tag to your page 

  1. Click Settings in the left Side Bar. Then click the Advanced tab.
  2. Click the <head> section to manage third party scripts.
  3. Paste the following code below the first line of code: “<meta property="og:image" content=“  
  4. Go to the image address you saved from step 3 in “Find your image” 
  5. Select the image and copy using CMD+C (on Mac) or CTRL+C (on Windows)
  6. Paste it right after the <meta property>  tag we've added in the head section of our page. 
  7. To close this off, type "/> right after the image address you've just entered. See the image below for an example of the code in the <head> editor.
  8. Click “Save & Close” from the editor 
  9. Save the page using the shortcut CMD+S (on Mac) or CTRL+S (on Windows)

After updating your OpenGraph image, use Facebook's debugger to properly display your Open Graph image. 

Meta tag code: 

<meta property="og:image" content="your-link-goes-here"/>

Example of Open Graph Image code in <head> Editor:

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