Sections FAQ

Sections are the building blocks of your page. Each section is a horizontal container that can hold objects, images, video or any other type of content located on your page.

To Learn more about Sections, Visit our Sections article here.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sections

1. How do I convert my existing site into Sections?

We created a video that explains the best way to converting your existing site into Sections

2. Why can I not move content between sections in mobile mode?

An element must be in the same section on both desktop and mobile.
(ex: 2nd section on desktop and 2nd section on mobile)

Because of this, when you move an element between sections on desktop, it will get repositioned to that same section on mobile.

In order to avoid desktop repositioning to happen while in the mobile editor, it is not possible to move an objects between sections while in the mobile editor. 

3. Where can I save/ reuse sections that I have built?

Sections have the ability to be copied and pasted through pages or full sites. You can create a draft site within your account to store all of your commonly used Sections. When you'd like to use them on a new page, just open up the draft site and copy and paste the Section to the new site. 

4. Do sections sync changes across pages?

Header and Footer Sections sync throughout all pages they have been set to Show on. To learn more about Header and Footer sections, head to the article here.

Working with Sections

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