Use NameSilo to connect custom domain

If you are in the market for a domain for your PageCloud site, you can follow the link here to NameSilo for 1 click connection for your custom domain to your PageCloud site.

If you have purchased a domain name from NameSilo, the following instructions will show you how to use their DNS templates to automatically set up the settings for you.

Step 1:  Log in to

After logging into your account with NameSilo, click "Manage My Domains" at the top of the page.

For the purpose of this example, we will be using as our domain.

Step 2:  Use the 'PageCloud Template' to automatically setup your DNS settings

Once you have clicked your Manage My Domains link, you should see a list of your available domains:

Click on the blue world logo within the options tab to modify the DNS settings

Within the next screen, you will see the DNS settings that are currently setup for your domain. NameSilo makes it very easy to adjust these to point to your PageCloud site. Simply scroll down to the list of Templates and find the one for 'PageCloud'

Click 'Apply Template' and a confirmation page will appear showing what settings will be changed.

Click 'Accept' and your settings will be changed automatically.

Congratulations!  You have completed the set up for your custom domain to point to your PageCloud website on NameSilo's end. If you have not already added the custom domain within your PageCloud Dashboard, you can do so now.

In your PageCloud Site, navigate to General Settings.

Connect your domain by updating the Custom Domain field.

You have now told PageCloud to watch for incoming traffic for your domain and route it to your PageCloud site.

Once both of these steps are done, you will just need to wait for your DNS settings to propagate around the world. This process can typically take around 2 hours, but it might take up to 48 hours for your changes to be active.

In practice it can take some time for all the DNS changes to propagate through the entire public Internet, so if your domain name does not appear to be working, you may have to be patient.  

Once the settings have propagated, you will be able to navigate to your website through your custom domain.

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