Account Dashboard

The Account Dashboard provides an overview on all PageCloud sites within your account. The Account Dashboard shows Draft Sites, Published Sites, and Pending Site Transfers to or from your account.

Auto Group

Auto Groups combine multiple objects together in a structured layout. Objects within an Auto Group are aligned together and spaced out evenly. Auto Groups can be moved and resized as a single object with the objects inside the Auto Group adjusting dynamically.


Bottom Bar

The Bottom Bar is located at the bottom of the PageCloud Editor. The Bottom Bar functionality is divided into the left and right side. The left side of the Bottom Bar allows you to navigate to your Site's Dashboard and Pages. The right side of the Bottom Bar provides links to support, Undo and Redo Changes, and save and publish your page.



Columns are vertical containers within a Section. Columns allow you to further organize a Section by segmenting content. Each Section will have between one to three Columns. The width of a Column can be adjusted to create unqiue design layouts. Columns will automatically be "stacked" vertically on top of one another when entering Mobile Mode.


Site's Dashboard


The Site's Dashboard provides an overview of a specific PageCloud site. The Site's Dashboard provides links to the Site's pages, Blog, Inbox, Team and Site Settings.

Site Menu

Drop Down Menu

Site menus can be used to organize links throughout your site. Add them to your header or footer to sync across all your pages.


Editing Menu

The Editing Menu is the collection of tabs that allow you to adjust different aspects of a Section, Column or object on your page. The Editing Menu is located in the upper right corner of an editing page and can be moved by selecting and dragging it around the PageCloud Editor.



Forms are a customizable way to allow your site's visitors to get in touch with you and help drive leads from your site.


JavaScript Editor

PageCloud has the ability to add custom JavaScript to an object or to the page itself using the JavaScript Editor. This is an advanced feature. Adding, editing, or deleting content requires an understanding of JavaScript.


Side Bar

Left Side Bar

The Side Bar is a collection of bins located on the left side of the PageCloud Editor. The side bar allows you to add professionally styled content to your page and adjust page settings.


Lightbox is a library that displays images and videos by filling the screen and dimming the rest of the webpage. Create a lightbox gallery to showcase your photos, videos, portfolio pieces or products.


Mobile Layout Builder

Mobile Mode

Mobile Layout Builder (Mobile Mode) provides the ability to optimize a PageCloud page for display on mobile web browsers. Some changes made to objects in Mobile Mode will affect Desktop mode, Such as Deleting an object or Adding additional text to a text box. Stylistic changes made to objects in Mobile Mode will only appear on Mobile devices. Mobile Mode will be disabled on a page by default and can be activated through the Page Settings.


PageCloud Editor

The PageCloud Editor is where you go to modify your PageCloud site. The PageCloud Editor allows you to make changes to your website,which once saved, are published live to the web.




Sections are the building blocks of your site, they span the width of your page and can contain 1 to 3 Columns. Sections help segment blocks of content on your page and rearrange and organize your page with ease.



Templates are a combination/arrangement of sections. Templates are fully customizable and brandable; change the primary color to your brand color, swap some images, switch up the order of the sections. Optimized for both desktop and mobile and more. Customize as much as you want or as little as needed.