GDPR Compliance

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (known as GDPR) is a European Union (EU) privacy law that came into effect on May 25, 2018. The purpose of this law is to provide more visibility on, and establishing laws around, personal data collected by companies. 

How Does GDPR Affect to PageCloud?

PageCloud both collects and processes the data of EU citizens in our business. Customers who use PageCloud to create their websites may also collect and process data of EU citizens. As a result, PageCloud must abide by GDPR, and we also encourage our customers to abide by these laws, As stated in our terms & conditions and privacy policy. 

GDPR Compliance

Scope of Application

PageCloud is located in Canada, However we collect data from our customers that are located throughout the world including the EU. We also work with vendors that are both located inside and outside of the EU. 

PageCloud acts as both a data controller and processor in providing our service.

Personal Data 

PageCloud processes the personal data of all of our customers, including EU citizens. To find out more about the personal data we collect, visit our privacy policy.

Lawful Grounds for Processing and Transparency Requirements

PageCloud includes a cookie consent notice to visitors originating from the EU. This includes a consent field where the visitor can see what cookies are being used and for what purpose. 

PageCloud also details what information we collect and for what purpose. This can be found in our privacy policy

Data Protection Principles and Accountability

PageCloud has appropriate security measures and policies in place to protect our customer's personal data and ensure accountability on that personal data. PageCloud also ensures it's vendors are accountable with these guidelines. 

Data Subject Rights

PageCloud's privacy policy includes explanations for data subject rights. You can read PageCloud's privacy policy here.

Right to be Forgotten

PageCloud allows users the ability to have their data deleted and to be forgotten. Reach out at to request to be forgotten. 

When exercising the right to be forgotten the customer will no longer have an account with PageCloud and all of their data will be permanently deleted.

You can view privacy related information within the Privacy Center on your account.

More Information on GDPR

More information on GDPR can be found here:

Information Commissioner's Office - Guide to Data Protection

Data Protection Commision - GDPR and You

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