Semrush Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research powered by Semrush

You can conduct keyword research inside your website and blog editor! Include keywords on your site pages or in you blog posts can help improve your search ranking and drive traffic to your site. 

Connecting with Semrush 

To get started with the keyword research tool, connect your Semrush account inside your Pagecloud account: 

Navigate to Page settings

In the toolbar on the left of your editor, navigate to Page at the top of the tool bar. If you’re in your Blog editor, navigate to post settings, and click the SEO tab.

Learn more about creating a blog with Pagecloud

Click the SEO tab

In this section you can fill out all your SEO content including meta description, OG image, page title, etc.

Connect to Semrush

Get started with our Keyword Research tool by signing up for a free Semrush account. If you already have an Semrush account, sign in. 

You have now successfully connected with Semrush and can begin using the keyword research tool inside your Pagecloud editor.

Using the Keyword Research Tool

Now that you have connected your Pagecloud and Semrush accounts, you can start using the tool inside your SEO tab in your Pagecloud editor.

  • Search: Search for single or long tail keywords in the keyword search bar

  • Choose location: Set the target country location for your keywords 

  • Filter: Filter your keywords by volume, # of results, and keyword difficulty

  • Favorite: Save keywords to favorites to use across your site

  • Copy keyword: Copy keywords from your favorites and paste them directly onto your Pagecloud page

Note: Free Semrush accounts are limited to 5 keyword searches per day. Upgrade to a paid account for access to unlimited searches

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