Setting your page width

The purple Page Width guides mark how your website will appear on a certain screen size.

We recommend your content be within this area. This will ensure the display of your site is optimal for view on different screen sizes. By default, the desktop version width is 1080px.

Changing the page width

1. Click and drag on the guidelines themselves and drag to your desired size. 

2. Looking for more fine tuned adjustments? Use the "Page" tab from the Editing Menu

Make use of this extra guideline space by using different methods

  1. Window Fill : Choose your page’s background colour to fill the space outside of your page width.
  2. Window Background : Choose an image that will be used as a full page backdrop to your site. Quick tip : This is great when using an image with a pattern or gradient.
  3. Background Video : Showcase a video in the background of your page.


  • Avoid setting the page width higher than 1280px. This makes it harder to see on smaller screens and will lead to scroll bars to view the entire page. 
  • The numbers will turn red if you’re exceeding this limit.
  • Notice that part of your object appears faded? This may be due to the object being outside of the purple Page Width guidelines. This object may not show in full on smaller screens.

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