Include a Foursquares widget on your page

Foursquare is a social network platform that focuses on finding you exciting things to do and cool places to go with your friends.
You can embed the Foursquare widget onto your PageCloud site to help your restaurant, bar or
 event get highlighted within the Foursquare network.  

You can easily add a "Save to Foursquare" embed code into your PageCloud site to help advertise a place of interest on Foursquare.

First, head to Foursquare and copy the embed code they provide. 

Next, navigate to where you'd like the embed code to appear and paste it in place using CMD+V (on Mac) or CTRL+V (on Windows) shortcut key. 

You may notice the Foursquare wireframe not becoming fully stylized. Don't worry, once you view live it will appear as expected.

Hit "Save" then click "View Live" to see your Save to Foursquare widget in action. 

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