Supported Payment Gateways

Payment Processors

In order to accept payments through your online store, you will need to choose and connect a payment processor. The most popular payment processors include Paypal, Square, and Stripe.

Here is a list of all supported payment gateways

Connect your payment processor

  1. In your Pagecloud Dashboard, navigate to the E-commerce tab 
  2. In your E-commerce Dashboard, go to Payment in the left toolbar (under Configuration)
  3. Enable "Pay by cash" or your Paypal, Stripe, or Square payment gateway 
  4. If you are using another processor, scroll down to Manual payment methods, or Other ways to get paid and select your payment method or processor


You can set up recurring subscriptions for products or services in your E-commerce Dashboard 

Note: In order to accept recurring subscriptions, you must be using Stripe. 

  1. In your E-commerce Dashboard, navigate to Settings -> General -> Cart and Checkout 
  2. In the Sell subscriptions box, turn on the Product subscriptions toggle to enable products with subscription prices.
  3. Go to Catalog -> Products.
  4. Select the product you wish to set up subscriptions for, or create a new product 
  5. In the Pricing section in the product editing page, click Manage pricing options -> Sell by subscription and turn on the toggle.
  6. A Billing period field will appear. Click on the dropdown menu to select how often you want to charge your customers for this product — Once per day, Once per week, Once per 2 weeks, Once per month, Once per 3 months, Once per year. 
  7. Tick the Allow purchase without subscription box, so your customers can choose between one-time purchase and subscription. Otherwise, they can only buy a product with a subscription.
  8. Click Save.

Apple Pay

You can set up Apple Pay for your customers in your Ecommerce Dashboard. 

Note: In order to set up Apple Pay you must be using Stripe payment gateway

  1. After you've set up your Stripe account, click Set Up Apple Pay to verify your website domain with Apple.
  2. Follow instructions in a short wizard and upload a verification file to your website.
  3. Click Verify Uploaded File.

Note: You will need to contact in order to get your verification code uploaded.

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