Including Google Analytics on your page

Google Analytics gives you a huge amount of information about your PageCloud site. Everything from who is visiting your site and where they're located, to how long they spend on each page, and even which devices and web browsers they are visiting from. 

This information can help you identify which pages and objects to update, where to advertise your site (based on where people are navigating from), and even the best time to post a news on your site in order to reach the most amount of visitors. 

Adding Google Analytics tracking code to your page is easy.  Just copy your google analytics account ID to the clipboard, then paste it onto your page. Remember to first de-select all screen objects before pasting, by pressing the Escape key. When you paste a Google Analytics account ID, which starts with a UA dash and some numbers, PageCloud recognizes this text combination and automatically adds the google analytics tracking code for you.

Remember to do this for each page in your site, if you want to track all pages.

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