Including an Albumizr photo gallery on your page

Alubmizr is a album/slideshow creation service that allows you to upload your images and arrange them into different galleries to be displayed online. You can then take the albums you create and embed them directly into your PageCloud site using the provided embed code.

To start using Albumizr on your PageCloud site, first head to Albumizr to build up your gallery just the way you'd like, and copy the embed code provided. 

With the embed code provided, You can navigate to your PageCloud site and paste (CMD+V on Mac, and CTRL+V on Windows) the embed code on your Page. 

Albumizer's embed code may appear as an empty wireframe. Don't worry, when viewed live it will display the slideshow as expected. 

Click "Save" then click "View Live" to see your album in action!

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