Creating a mobile experience

Your pages have two views, one for desktop and the other for mobile. You can switch between these two views by using the buttons at the bottom middle of the editor.

Click on the name of the mode you want to work in by either clicking on Desktop or Mobile. Notice that checkbox next to the word Mobile? This is to activate your mobile version. Until this checkmark is on, your mobile visitors will see a scaled version of your desktop on their mobile devices. The mobile checkbox will always is turned off by default. This is to make sure that when this version is complete and ready to publish, you'll only need to click one button. Having this checkbox on or off doesn't affect the content on the page, it only determines which version to display. 

We recommend starting in desktop mode and building your site in this mode first. This means once you move to the mobile mode, only layout adjustments will be needed for the best viewing experience. 

Note : Changes you make to the style and position of an object in either mode will generally only apply to that mode. 

Resetting Mobile Mode  

In unusual situations, one or more objects in your mobile view can become out of sync with the desktop view. Completing this will remove all mobile formatting. 

Reset the mobile view

  1. Make sure you’re in the mobile version of your site.
  2. Click on “Mobile” in the Editing Menu.
  3. Click “Reset Mobile Mode”.

Note : This will reset mobile styling for all objects on the page if nothing is selected. If you would like to reset the mobile styling of only select objects, select those objects first, click the “Reset Mobile Mode”  from the “Mobile” tab. 

Editing Mobile Mode

Learn to group objects together to manipulate them as one.

Learn how to hide elements of your page for mobile, without deleting on desktop.

Learn how to move all content up and down the page using the Squeegee Tool.

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