Transfer a site to a another account

You may want to transfer a website built within your account to another Team member's account. 

Before starting, ensure the person you would like to transfer the site to is set up as a Team member on the site.

When transferring a site, the new site owner will take on billing and payment of the new site. You will no longer have access to the site after it is transferred to the new owner. 

Transfer site to new account

  1. Log into your Pagecloud account. 
  2. From Your Sites dashboard select the dropdown arrow to the right of the Edit button. 
  3. Select Transfer site.
  4. Select the Team member you would like to take over as Site Owner. 
  5. Confirm the site name you would like to transfer. 
  6. Click Continue to begin the transfer. 
  7. The team member will receive an email asking them to accept the site transfer.
  8. Once the team member accepts the site transfer, they will become the site owner. 

Live sites will be place in an unpublished state if the new site owner does not have available publishable site quantity on their subscription. 

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