How to add or replace your images

Adding images to your page

  • Drag one or more images off your desktop or file browser, right onto your page.  Each image will automatically be uploaded and linked for you.  
  • Copy image data or layers right out of most graphics applications, and paste them onto your page.  This method works in most browsers.  
  • Depending on your browser, you can also simply drag foreground images right off another browser page, onto your PageCloud page.  In this case, the image is linked to the original, wherever it came from, and is not uploaded to your site.  
  • Copy and paste any image URL onto your page, and PageCloud will automatically create an image tag that links back to the original.  In this case too, the image is not directly uploaded to your site.  
  • Most desktop applications will allow you to select their objects, for example a spreadsheet chart, and paste them in a PageCloud page.  During paste, the objects are very often converted to an image, resulting in a new image object being uploaded to your site

Replacing an Image

If you have an image sized and positioned where you like it and want to inline replace an image, you can select that image object, and paste a new image selection into that image object, replacing its contents in one step.  This is very useful when right-click copying an image right out of your PageCloud page, pasting it in a graphics application for editing, then pasting the edited image data back over top of the original in your PageCloud page.  Note that any copies of that image elsewhere on your site will also be replaced with the new image data.  

Deleting an Image

If you would like to delete an image, there are 2 ways.  Firstly, hitting the delete key simply removes the image from appearing on your page.  However, it still exists in your site.  If you would like to destroy the image, hold down COMMAND on a Mac, or Control on a PC, while you hit delete.  You will be prompted to permanently remove the image file from your site.  Keep in mind if any other image objects on your site refer to that image file, they will now be broken image tags.

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