GoDaddy custom domain guide

If you have purchased a domain name from GoDaddy, the following instructions will show you how to configure the admin settings to point your domain name to your PageCloud website.

Step 1:  Log in to

After logging into the admin account for your custom domain at GoDaddy, click "Manage" Domains as follows:

Next, click on your domain name.  In this example we will be using the domain name:

Step 2:  Set up forwarding

Under "Domain Details" find 3 tabs:  Settings/DNS Zone File/Contacts.   Select the "Settings" tab and in the "Forwarding" section, click the "Manage" Domain link.

In the next window, set your "forward to" up to look like the example below, with your own domain instead of

 Be sure to include www in your "Forward to" address. :

Step 3:  Create a CName record

On the "Domain Details" page, select the "DNS Zone File" tab.  You will need to create a Cname record where Host is "www." and  Points To is   "" as shown in the following example.   

To do this click the "Add Record" link above the CName panel.

Set the "Add Zone Record" panel as follows and then click Finish.   You should now see the record you have just created in the CName section.

Be sure to save your changes in the red panel that appears.

Congratulations!   You have completed the set up for your custom domain to point to your PageCloud website.     

If you have not already added the custom domain within your PageCloud Dashboard, you can do so now.

In your PageCloud dashboard, click on the PageCloud site you want to connect to your custom domain to which will bring you into your Site Dashboard

Click on the 'Custom Domain' tab

Now enter the name of your custom domain within the 'I already have a domain' field and then click Connect

Congratulations!  You have now told PageCloud to watch for incoming traffic for your domain and route it to your PageCloud site.

Once both of these steps are done, you will just need to wait for your DNS settings to propagate around the world. This process can typically take around 2 hours, however it might take up to 48 hours for your changes to be active.

In practice it can take some time for all the DNS changes to propagate through the entire public Internet, so if your domain name does not appear to be working, you may have to be patient.  

Once the settings have propagated, you will be able to navigate to your website through your custom domain.

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