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PageCloud provides a flexible framework for supporting a wide range of third party applications using standard embed codes provided by many application vendors. This approach is very fast and easy and can be performed by non-technical users who have little or no familiarity with web coding.  

The standard method of integrating applications into PageCloud is to simply copy the standard embed code from the application vendor and paste it directly onto your PageCloud page. It is not necessary to understand how the embed code works in order to perform this copy and paste operation. This can be done by copying the embed code from the provider using your computer's standard shortcuts (CTRL+C for Windows and CMD+C for Mac), and then pasting it onto your desired page (CTRL+V/CMD+V).

For application integrations that require a copy/paste of the embed code, PageCloud's default behaviour will show a rectangle with the label "EMBEDDED OBJECT" in the PageCloud editor as seen below.

If the embedded code appears this way in the editor, it means we are unable to display the application live during editing, however it should be functional when you hit "Save" and "View Live". You can then go back into the editing session and adjust the object to meet your needs.

For many third party services that we recognize, or have created native integrations for, the embedded object will properly display in the editor and no label will show up.

This method is meant to provide access to a vast number of third party services out there but may not cover all of them. If you find any that aren't working, you can always reach out to us at so we can investigate how we can support them in the future.

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