Custom Domain Setup

Yes you can use your existing custom domain e.g. "" with your PageCloud site!

When you create a PageCloud site, it is automatically assigned a default URL that looks like:  This is simply a placeholder to use until you attach your own custom domain name.  We'll show you how to set that up in this article.  

Where to get a Custom Domain Name

You may already own your own custom domain, or purchase a new custom domain name to use that with your PageCloud website.  Custom domain names can be purchased from many domain registrars on the web such as the examples we list at the bottom of this page.  

You may also purchase a domain directly through your PageCloud account, powered by Hover . This option is available within your Site Dashboard under the 'Custom Domain' Field.

If you have an existing domain, or have purchased one from another registrar, you can point it to your new PageCloud site using the following procedure.  After this is completed, you will then be able to reach your PageCloud site from any browser by typing or bookmarking your custom domain name.


There are two steps to the process, and we’ll show you the details below.   

In Step 1, you will go to your PageCloud Site Dashboard and set the custom domain option for your PageCloud site.  This tells the PageCloud system to connect incoming traffic associated with your custom domain name directly to your PageCloud site.  

In Step 2, you will change the settings for your domain name at your registrar (e.g. GoDaddy) so that all traffic on the Internet associated with your domain, is routed to your PageCloud site.   

Step 1:  Changing the settings at PageCloud

In your PageCloud dashboard, click on the PageCloud site you want to connect to your custom domain to which will bring you into your Site Dashboard

Click on the 'Custom Domain' tab

Now enter the name of your custom domain within the 'I already have a domain' field and then click Connect

Congratulations!  You have now told PageCloud to watch for incoming traffic for your domain and route it to your PageCloud site.

Step 2:  Changing the DNS settings at your registrar

Next, you'll need to configure the DNS settings for your custom domain at your domain registrar in order to route Internet traffic for your custom domain to PageCloud.   The following diagram shows the basic setup configuration.


Step 2-a:   Log in to your admin account for your domain registrar

Step 2-b:  Point the www version of your custom domain (example: at PageCloud.    

  • To do this, create or edit a CNAME record where the host is:  "www" and then set the value to:
  • You can leave the TTL value at whatever the default setting is.

Step 2-c:  Redirect (some registrars use the term forward) your root domain name.   The root domain is the version of your domain name that does not include www   (example: to the CNAME record you just set up (example:   This will have the effect of routing both your root domain name and the www version of your domain name to your PageCloud site. 

  • To do this, navigate to forwarding or redirect in your registrar's domain control panel.

  • When asked what address to forward to, enter:

  • If you are asked whether to use a permanent (301) or temporary (302) forward, choose:  permanent (301).

  • If you are asked to use masking, choose not to do that.

  • If you are asked to update name servers and DNS, choose not to do that.

Domain Registrar Setup Examples

The following links will show you the details of how to adjust the DNS settings for your specific domain registrar:

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