Connecting your custom domain to PageCloud

By default, all sites created inside PageCloud will have the placeholder on the domain name. 

Fear not, this can easily be removed! Following these steps will help you remove in favor of your custom domain

Don't own a custom domain? Click HERE.

You can also check out specific instructions for domain registrars listed below:






Pointing your custom domain 

1. Change your settings within your PageCloud account. 

Log into your PageCloud account and click the site you'd like to attach your custom domain to.

Once in the site dashboard, click the “Custom Domain” tab. 

Enter your custom domain and click "Connect This Domain". 

2. Changing your settings within your Domain Registrar. You will need to do both part A) and B) 

A)  You will need to set up a CNAME record. This record will have a host of “www” and a value of 

B) This next step will seem strange, however it is important to follow the format below. But Why? Find out Here!

You will now need to set up a redirect (also known as a forward on some domain registrars) to point your domain. Head to the forwarding section of your domain registrar and enter your own domain (including www.) in the  "Forward to" section.

For example if your domain was “" you will need to forward to "" 

Once the forward and CNAME record are set up properly your custom domain will be attached to your PageCloud site!  

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