Guide to connecting a Custom Domain Name

A custom domain name is a unique, personalized url that you can register and use as your address on the web. For example is our custom domain name for Pagecloud. This is a great way to add a professional touch to your website.

The following article will walk you through the process of adding a custom domain to your website. If you ever get overwhelmed and need some extra help please don’t hesitate to contact support and we will help you along the way.

Don’t own a custom domain yet? We recommend using our partner Hover to purchase a domain name, see our guide to registering a domain name.

Let's get started!

If you haven’t already done so, you will need to publish your website and purchase a premium plan to add a custom domain. All single site annual plans come with a free domain name.

Step 1. Get published and choose your custom domain name.

  1. Click the Domain tab under settings in the left toolbar in your dashboard.

  2. If your site is not already published, you will need to publish your website and choose a premium plan to add a custom domain.

  3. If you need to purchase a domain click the Buy a new domain button to purchase one from our partner, Hover and we will connect everything for you automatically.

  4. If you already own a custom domain, click the Connect your own domain button.

  5. Add your domain name into the text field and then click Add custom domain.

  6. Great, Pagecloud now knows what domain to expect. Now you can proceed to Step 2 and configure your domain with your registrar.

Step 2. Configure your domain

We have instructions for popular registrars, if your registrar is not listed please follow the general instructions below.

General instructions

  1. Sign in to your domain name provider (where you purchased your domain).

  2. Find the settings page for your domain that lists A Records and CNAMEs. These are often found on a Domain Management page.

  3. Add or update all the following DNS Records with these settings:

    Record 1:
    Record Type: A-Record
    Name: @
    TTL: Automatic, or 1 Hour

    Record 2:
    Record Type: A-Record
    Name: @
    TTL: Automatic, or 1 Hour

    Record 3:
    Record Type: CNAME
    Name: WWW
    TTL: Automatic, or 1 Hour

  4. Take a moment to double check that you have all the records with the correct settings. Need help? Contact support for assistance.

  5. Return to Pagecloud settings and click the Test connection button in the Connect your domain section. 

  6. If we detect an error we will let you know, otherwise you should see that your new domain is set up and ready for you. But one more thing…

  7. Choose your Preferred URL. This is how you would like your website to appear online. Some people prefer to have www and others don’t, the choice is yours. Choose which you would prefer and click the Update button to save.

Congratulations! Your custom domain is now set up and pointing to your Pagecloud site.  

It may take up to 48 hours to connect your custom domain.


Do you provide an SSL certificate?
Yes, we automatically provide you with a free SSL certificate for an added layer of security. 

How long can it take for a domain to be connected to my website?
Depending on the domain name provided it may take up to 48 hours for your custom domain to become connected to your website.

Will my free domain still work after I add a custom domain?
Yes, if you have been using the free domain we provide you, for example, you will be happy to know that links will automatically redirect to your new domain name once it's all set up!

Running into issues? Troubleshoot your custom domain 

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