Switch which site uses a custom domain

You may want to change which of your PageCloud sites uses a custom domain. 

This article assumes your custom domain is properly set up at your domain registrar. If you have not properly set up your custom domain at your domain registrar, please use Connect a custom domain to PageCloud.

Disconnect custom domain from original site

  1. Click the Domain tab under settings in the left toolbar in your dashboard
  2. Under "Custom Domain" click Update.
  3. Click "Disconnect your domain" 
  4. Your custom domain will be removed from your website.

Unpublish original site

  1. In the Domain tab, click Unpublish Site
  2. Your site is no longer accessible on the web. 

Publish new site

  1. From the site dashboard of your new site,  Click "Publish Site" in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Select "Publish Site".
  3. Your site is now published and live on the web. 

Attach custom domain to new site

If you are switching which Pagecloud site is using a custom domain, that custom domain should already be set up on the domain registrar. If not, please follow this guide to configure your custom domain.  

  1. Click the Domain tab under settings in your dashboard
  2. Enter in your custom domain.
  3. Click Set up domain. 
  4. Your custom domain is now attached to your new site. 

Only Site Owners can Publish or Unpublish sites and  connect or disconnect a custom domain.

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