Editing Menu - Size and Position tab

The Size and Position tab offers functions to arrange the content on your page. 

Move - Manual Column 

Objects within a Manual Column can be layered on top of one another. The move section, when a Column is in Manual Column Layout, allows you adjust the front to back layer of the selected object.

Move - Auto Column

Objects within an Auto Column cannot layer on top of one another. The move section, when a Column is in Auto Column Layout, allows you to move the object further up or down in the Column. 

Distribute - Manual Column 

Distribute allows you to equally space multiple selected objects either horizontally or vertically.


The align section allows you to position the selected object in a specific location within a Column. 

  • Top - The selected object will be moved to the top of the Column.
  • Center - The selected object will be moved to the center of the Column.
  • Bottom - The selected object will be moved to the bottom of the Column.
  • Left - The selected object will be moved to the left side of the Column.
  • Middle - The selected object will be moved to the middle of the Column.
  • Right -  The selected object will be moved to the right side of the Column.


Allows you to group selected objects together in either a Manual Group or an Auto Group

Override content alignement - Auto Columns

Auto Columns structure all object within the Column to a set alignment. You can manually override a selected object's content alignment 

Hide in desktop - Manual Columns

The selected object will no longer be visible while viewing the page live in the specific mode. 

Hiding an object is mode specific. To hide an object in Mobile mode, you would need to first go to Mobile mode before toggling it to Hide. 

Hidden objects are still loaded on the page in live mode. To avoid longer load times only hide objects you do not want to appear in a specific mode. 

Position and size - Manual Column 

The position and size section allow you to move the selected object to a specific X or Y coordinate. You can also set the selected object's specific width or height value. 

Position - Auto Column 

The position section when in an Auto Column allows you to set the select object's maximum width and the height. 

The maximum width is the maximum size the object will grow to as the browser window is increased. 

You can also see the Current display size of the selected object below the maximum width. 

Rotation angle - Manual Column 

Allows you to rotate a selected object that is in a Manual Column. More details on rotating objects can be found here.

Space Below - Auto Column 

The Space Below tool allows you to add vertical space between objects in an Auto Column Layout. More details on using the Space Below tool can be found here.

Full width

The selected object will expand to the full width of the Column. More details on full width can be found here.

Lock in place

Lock in place prevents the selected object from being move to a new location. 

All other editing adjustments can still be made while an object is locked in place. 

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