Get a Custom Email with Google Workspace

Google has renamed G Suite to Google Workspace. 

Google Workspace and Pagecloud have partnered to offer branded email for your custom domain! Eligible customers will receive a branded email address and other Google Workspace benefits. Full details on Google Workspace are available here.

Pagecloud customers on an annual subscription will receive 1 free year of Google Workspace.


  • You must be on an annual Pagecloud subscription 
  • You must have a custom domain attached to your site
  • You must currently live in a supported country
  • You do not have an existing Google Workspace account attached to the domain you are using
  • Google Workspace is not available in the Personal plan.


Pagecloud customers on an annual subscription will receive 1 free year of Google Workspace.
Extra email addresses are available at $72USD per email, per year. 

Account Set Up - Within Pagecloud

  1. Ensure your custom domain settings are correct. For help in setting up your custom domain click here
  2. Head to your site Dashboard and in the left menu under Settings, click Google Workspace
  3. Click "Set Up Google Workspace" to begin the process.
  4. Ensure the alternative email address is set up with an email you still have access to. 
  5. Click "Next" to continue to the next set
  6. Confirm your information is correct. Here you will need to agree to the terms and conditions for G Suite auto renewal. 
  7. Click "Complete Set-up" to finish the set up of your Google Workspace account.

The new email address you create will be the administrator email for your Google Workspace account

Account Completion - Within Google Workspace

  1. Once the account has been set up within Pagecloud, the page will guide you to a Google Workspace to complete the process.
  2. Agree to the terms of services and log in to your Google Workspace account using the information you've set up. 
  3. You will receive an email to the alternative email address you've entered. This will confirm you have access to that email address. 
  4. Click "Next" to head to your Google Workspace administrator panel.
  5. Follow the steps on the Google Workspace administrator panel to verify your custom domain with Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Verification can take between a few minutes up to 48 hours to verify with their systems. 

Adding Google Workspace MX Records to your Domain Registrar

  1. Once Google Workspace verifies your custom domain, you will need to add MX records to your domain registrar. These MX records will be what allows you to send and receive email. 
  2. Google Workspace has created a guide for adding MX records for common domain registrars here.
  3. You can view the status of your set up by heading to the email tab in your PageCloud site dashboard.

Start Emailing

Congratulations! You are now ready to login to your Google Workspace account at If you need to access your Google Admin Console again, you can do so by visiting the email tab in your site dashboard.

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