Add instagram Photos to your page

Instagram is all about sharing the photos you take. With a continuous timeline of photos you’ve taken and neat filters to help make those photos stand out, Instagram lets you share your moments visually. You can embed your favourite Instagram photos, or link out to your profile, allowing your site’s visitors to start following along with your Instagram account. 

There are a couple of ways to create an Instagram Photo widget.  First, you can open an Instagram photo in a new window, then drag the URL onto your PageCloud page.  Second, you can copy the Instagram photo URL to the clipboard, and paste it directly on your page.  PageCloud will automatically create the photo widget for you.  If you are using the copy/paste method, remember to de-select all screen objects first, by pressing Escape, before you paste.  In most browsers, you can drag a URL over another browser tab, hold for a moment, and when the tab becomes active you can drop the URL onto your page.

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