Get Started Quickly with PageCloud

We’re excited to get you started in creating your great website. We’ve built this Knowledge Base to give you the resources to get the most out of your PageCloud site! 

  1. Need to quickly build up or adjust a page? Add new Sections to create your perfect layout.
  2. Looking to add content to your site? You’re looking to access the  Side Bar 
  3. Needing to delete a photo? Simply select the image and hit “Delete” on your keyboard.
  4. Now that you’ve got content, have fun and add videos! YouTube and Vimeo instructions found here.
  5. Wanting to show off your skills? Display your images with a Lightbox Gallery or Slider
  6. Page one complete, congrats! Learn how to link to your other pages using our built-in site menus.
  7. Of course you need a mobile version, find out all you need to know about setting up your mobile mode.
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