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PageCloud is very SEO friendly. For SEO basics, like image ALT tags, H tags, meta tags, descriptions, file names and keywords, PageCloud offers access through it’s UI.

For more advance tweaking, PageCloud offers an SEO expert complete access to the page source code, in case there are other things they would like to arrange.

A sitemap is often used for SEO purposes as well and is auto generated for you. You can access your sitemap by adding /sitemap.xml to the end of your domain as if it were another page, such as example.com/sitemap.xml or example.pagecloud.com/sitemap.xml.

The Page Tab is a great spot to adjust your page's titles, description, and keywords - as well as access the <head> editor for more advanced meta tags.



The Properties tab will appear when an image is selected to give you the ability to set Image Titles and Image Alternative Text for your images.


The Format tab in the text editor will give you the ability to add Heading Tags to your titles on your pages. To access the Format tab you will need to click the more button. 

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