How to create or delete pages

This note will guide you through the basic steps of creating, deleting and editing pages. At the bottom of your editing screen on the left-hand side you will see a PAGES button.


If you click PAGES, your page browser window will appear. All of the pages you have created will appear as well as a “Create a page” icon. 

When clicking on the "Create A Page" icon you will be presented with pages that are part of the theme that you originally selected and a blank page. If you wanted to explore other theme options for your new page you can click on "Show More Themes" in the upper right of the screen. 

When deciding on the perfect page to add to your site, you can also see how it will appear in mobile mode by selecting the toggle button on the upper left side of the screen. 

While in the page browser you can also make a number of changes to your pages.

At the bottom of each page you have the option to Edit or View live. If you click the page setting button (the gear on the bottom right of the page thumbnail), you get the option to duplicate the page, rename it or delete it. You will also have the option to ‘Make Home Page’ if you’d like to replace the current home page. 

You can create as many pages as you want. In order to create links between the pages, check out the help note on linking and anchoring.

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