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The Import Page Layout feature allows you to start building a website in PageCloud using the design layout of your previous website.  Note this feature only imports visual layout content - active content such as backend databases, payment systems and animations must be reimplemented in PageCloud.   

To get started you will have to first create a PageCloud site using one of the standard “get started” options such as our wireframe tutorial website, a prebuilt canvas or a blank canvas.  Once your site is created you can import individual page design layouts into your PageCloud site where you can then continue editing and building them.  

 Note:  Import Page Layout is temporarily unavailable in Internet Explorer.  

The Import Page Layout feature is specifically designed to make it easier for you to move content you own from an existing site into PageCloud.  While the technology is capable of starting with any existing page on the web (consider it to be a more useful version of a browser's own Save Page feature, which saves a page to your desktop), our Terms of Service strictly prohibit copying material that is copyright protected and that you don't own.  So in other words, you are free to use it to import content you own, or that is public domain.  If you import a page layout that contains copyrighted material, it is your responsibility to replace the copyrighted content (text, images, etc.) with your own content.


Getting Started

⁠⁠Import Page Layout is activated using a bookmarklet that you copy into your regular browser bookmarks. First, go to the profile section of your PageCloud dashboard, navigate to the bookmarklet page, and drag the “Import page Layout to PageCloud” bookmarklet into your browser's bookmark bar. If your browser's bookmark bar is not activated, you'll need to turn this on first by going into your browser's bookmark settings.

  • Navigate to a page in your existing website.
  • Click the bookmarklet that you copied to your browser.
  • Wait a few seconds and then you will see a list of site names you have created in PageCloud.
  • Select the name of the site you want to import the current page into.
  • Your page will be scanned and you will see a progress indicator. Once the import process is complete, click “View your page”.
  • After a few seconds your imported page will appear in the PageCloud editor.
  • You can make changes, or save the page for editing later.
  • When you save, enter a short name you can use to set up links to that page.

IMPORTANT: Import Page Layout sets up your page with hyperlinks to the original images i.e. the images do not reside in PageCloud. So, if you want images that you own to be stored in PageCloud, you can copy and replace them. This is important, because if you change your domain name of your site to PageCloud and you haven’t copied your images, your images will stop working. 


You will need to repeat the process for each page of your existing website that you want to import into PageCloud.


Setting Your Home Page
Your imported home page will not initially be the home page for your PageCloud site as there is already a default home page.  To set your imported home page as your PageCloud site home page, go to the PAGES browser and select your imported home page.  Under the “More” menu you can now set that page to be your home page.

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