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Pinterest a social network that allows users to post (or "pin") their images and videos into collections (known as boards) which revolve around a common theme. Users can subscribe to follow other users who have boards which they find interesting to help get ideas for a certain project, upcoming event or even just to see a creative way to reuse a popsicle stick. You can allow your images or videos to be pinned right from within your PageCloud site to have your visitors share your content. 

PageCloud allows you to add Pinterest Pins and Boards to your pages. There are a couple of ways to create a Pinterest widget.

First, you can open a Pinterest Board or Pin in a new window, then drag the URL onto your PageCloud page.

Second, you can copy the Board or Pin URL to the clipboard, and paste it directly on your page. PageCloud will automatically create the appropriate widget for you.If you are using the copy/paste method, remember to de-select all screen objects first, by pressing Escape, before you paste.

In most browsers, you can drag a URL over another browser tab, hold for a moment, and when the tab becomes active you can drop the URL onto your page.

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