Adding Youtube videos onto your page

Youtube is the most recognized video-hosting and sharing platform in the world. They offer a huge array of video options, and even give you the ability to monetize the videos you host through them with using Google Ad network. Youtube is also an extremely popular choice if you want to have your viewers watch a predefined playlist of movies from your Youtube channel right from within your PageCloud site. 

There are a few ways to easily add a Youtube video to your page.  The first way, is to open the video page in a new browser window, and drag the URL to your page.  PageCloud will au tomatically create a video player for you.  The second way, is to copy the URL of a YouTube video to the clipboard, and paste it directly on your page.  Make sure you don't have any screen objects selected before you paste, by pressing the Escape key to de-select all screen objects.  When you paste, PageCloud will automatically create a video player for you.  In most browsers, you can drag a URL over another browser tab, hold for a moment, and when the tab becomes active you can drop the URL onto your page.

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