Beta period for Popups and Banners

Here is everything you need to know about our private beta launch of Pagecloud Popups and Banners. 

What are Popups and Banners?

Popups and banners are lead capture and marketing tools for your website. They can drive email signups, alert important information, and bring your website visitors more value. 

Popups: Pagecloud popups can have many styles, but in general are vertical aligned and have more space for text, forms, images, and more. Popups can be positioned to the right, left, or centre of the page.

Banners: Banners are horizontally aligned and are positioned at the top or the bottom of your web page.

How to participate 

All users who have opted in to our beta group will have access to build popups and banners during this beta period. 

Paid users will be able to publish popups and banners on their website.

After the beta period, popups and banner will be available for publish in the Grow plan.

How to join the beta group

We would love to have you! Our beta group is an important part of our feature development. You can test out new features and give us your feedback. 

To join beta: 

  1. Head to your dashboard 
  2. Click on your Profile 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and toggle on Beta program

Providing feedback

During this Beta period you can use the popups and banners however your want! You can publish popups and banners to your site, and there are no limits on impressions at this time.

We would love feedback on your experience! In your dashboard you can fill out our survey, report a bug, or schedule a call to chat with our team. Here are a few things you can test out:

  1. Modify a template to match your brand needs. Let us know your thoughts on customizing a template. Was it easy to do? Did any areas cause trouble? Are we missing anything? 
  2. Update the Setup settings. Did you understand the Setup process? Are the additional Setup features you would like to see?
  3. Publish your popup on your website. Does it work as expected? 

Please remember that we are still working out the kinks, and have outlined our upcoming features below.

Getting started 

Once you have opted-in to the beta group, you can create a popup or banner for your website. Check out our Getting Started Guide for a detailed overview. 


  • Choose from dozens of responsive templates 
  • Duplicate existing popups 
  • Name/Describe your popup 
  • Set your triggers
  • Choose where to display your popup


Our editor comes jam packed with design features! 

  • Responsive editing experience: You can design your popup or banner once and it will automatically size to fit any screen. Use the responsive preview handle to resize your popup to see what it will look like on all screen sizes.
  • Popup layout: Use your Edit Menu to set your popup positioning on your screen.
  • Buttons and icons: Add your call-to-actions to your design
  • Customizable forms: Build your form to capture leads
  • Images/galleries: Add images and galleries to your design
  • Text editing: Edit, format, and style your text
  • Customize your colours and backgrounds: Add colour tints, gradients, or image backgrounds
  • Video: Upload videos or add Youtube/Vimeo embeds
  • And more!

Upcoming features

Some features are still under construction! 

  • Exit intents: Display your popup just before your user tries to leave the page
  • Popups/banners for external websites: Embed your popup or banner on websites hosted outside of Pagecloud
  • Animations: Add animations to your popup or banner 
  • Conversion goals: Set goals for your popups and banners that you can track
  • User segmentation: Decide who gets to see your popup or banner
  • Scheduling: Schedule start and end dates and time for your popups 
  • More trigger options: Additional actions that trigger your popup
  • A/B testing: Test variations of your popup or banner to see what works best
  • Analytics: View your impressions and conversion rates from your popup or banner

We're so excited to have you for this Beta period and appreciate your feedback.



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