The Editing Menu - Changing an object's properties

The editing menu allows you to make changes to the settings of a selected object, or to the page itself. 

By default, it is located in the upper right of the PageCloud editor screen. In the image below, the editing menu is shown in its default location at position number 2. 

The tabs of the editing menu will change based on what object you have selected on the page.

PageCloud Edit Page

The different tabs of the Editing Menu

The "Add Media" and "Page tab" will always be visible in the Editing Menu. All other tabs will appear as you select objects that will make use of them. 

Add Media 

The Add Media tab will be the default tab open in the editing palette. This tab describes how to drag and drop, or copy and paste images from your desktop to your PageCloud page. It also gives you the ability to upload an image or video file using your computer's file browser. 

Learn more about adding images


The Page tab allows you to change different settings of your page, such as page width, titles and keywords, as well as access any scripts that have been added to your page.

Learn more about setting your page width


The Style tab will appear when you have any object on the page selected. This gives you access to fill color, borders, opacity and more. 


The Link tab allows you to assign a link to a selected object. You can select link types such as:  an internal link to another page on your site, or an external link to another site on the web. 

Learn more about Linking


The Arrange tab gives you control over where and how selected objects are placed on the page relative to each other.  You can change the position an object is located (to be seen in-front of or behind other objects) as well grouping objects together, or hiding objects in a particular view mode (Desktop or Mobile).


The effects tab allows you to add effects to selected objects. This menu will change based on the type of object that is selected (e.g. Shape, image, video, embedded object, group) For a standard shape, you can apply a full bleed or fixed header effect.  For Images, you can select display effects such as image galleries.

Learn more about Fixed Header effect


The properties tab provides the ability to change specific attributes for selected objects . These fields are used when adding different animated effects such as hovering over a button or making an object bounce up and down


The video tab will appear when a video is selected. You can go here to adjust the video controls that are visible to your users, as well as adjusting effects to your video. 

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