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The Editing menu, pictured below, is a floating palette that provide you with the controls you need to edit and style whatever you have selected. These change based on the Section, Column, Object or Widget you have selected.

You can move it

The Editing menu floats on your page. You can move it around so it's always in the right place for you.

Tabs of the Editing menu

The following are some of the common tabs. Some complex objects like Galleries, Forms, Sections, and Columns have some additional tabs.


The "Style" tab provides controls to change the appearance of the selected object(s). Tip: you can select more than one object at a time and style them together.

Controls can include:

  • Color
  • Gradient
  • Border
  • Rounded corners
  • Shadow
  • Opacity
  • Full width toggle. When on, Full width will make the selected object span the width of the column.

Size and Position

The "Size and Position” tab gives you control over the placement, grouping, and hiding of an object. 

Within the Size and Position tab you can expect controls that will allow you to do the following.

Learn more about the Size and Position tab


The “Link” tab allows you to assign a link whether this be a link to another page on your site or a site on the web. 

You can create a link to the following:

  • Another Pagecloud page
  • A section on a page
  • An email
  • Another website
  • A phone number
  • A video Lightbox

Learn more about Linking


The “Advanced" tab provides you with some powerful features that may require some additional expertise.

You can find the following controls in Advanced:

  • CSS Selectors. Apply custom css ID and classes to the selection.
  • Data attributes
  • Script editor. Open a script editor for the selected object allowing you to add javascript to be triggered on events. This is often used for animations.
  • Reset Mobile styles. Allows you to clear any styles overrides applied to the selection in the mobile view.


The "Video" tab will appear when selecting a video.  Adjust the video controls that are visible as well as adding effects to your video. 


The "Image" tab will appear when selecting an image. Adjust image properties, add effects and image galleries from within the "Image" tab. 

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