Add content through the sidebar

The left sidebar, position 3 in the image below, provides you with a number of controls that allow you to manage sections, add text, images and more as well as manage your page settings.

Sidebar bins

Found something you like? Drag it right onto your page!


Arrows, Basic shapes, Speech bubbles and more that can enhance your design.


See all the images within your Site or that particular Page. Click on "Upload images" to add images you'll use throughout your site. 


Add text to your page, let us do the work for "Font pairings" and add "Quotes" from your visitors.


Find our short curated videos to add flare to your site.


Find the icons to add your social media buttons to your page and call to action buttons. 


Add our native forms for your visitors to get in touch with you.


Find a collection of different symbols to add expression to your design. 


Add a navigation menu to your page to organize links throughout your site.


Access page specific settings. Updating your SEO, activating your mobile design or adding custom scripts.

Hide Editor

Clicking "Hide Editor" will remove the editing elements from your page. 

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