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A draft site is a full site within your account that is not published (viewable) live on the web. Draft sites are handy when building a new site, exploring a new layout for existing sites, or creating sites for your customers. 

When on a paid subscription you have the ability to create as many draft sites as you would like within your account. Free account users will only have access to a single draft site. 

Add a New Draft Site

  1. Head to your sites dashboard.
  2. In the upper right corner click "Create a New Site".
  3. This will allow you to build up a new site that will be in a draft state.

View All Draft Sites

  1.  Head to your sites dashboard.
  2. In the middle of the sites dashboard you will see three sorting options. All, Draft, Published. 
  3. View your Draft sites by clicking Draft. 

Publish a Draft Site

When you are ready to attach a custom domain and share your site, you can publish it from a draft state.

  1. Head to your sites dashboard.
  2. Select the site you would like to publish.
  3. When in the site dashboard, click "Publish Site" in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. You can then add an additional site licence to your subscription. 
  5. Once added, your site will be published and allow you to attach a custom domain. 

Unpublish a Draft Site

  1. Head to your sites dashboard.
  2. Select the site you would like to unpublish.
  3. Click Site Settings and head to the Domain setup and SSL section. 
  4. Click "Unpublish" to un-publish the site.

When a site is unpublished it will not longer be visible on the web under the placeholder domain or a custom domain.

Transfer Draft Sites to Another Account

When making a Draft site for a customer, you may want to transfer that site into their account. 

You will need to reach out to or contact us via the in-app chat to move the site between accounts. 

The support team will need to know the following information:

  1. Name of site you wanted to move. 
  2. The email address of the account you'd like to move it to.

Draft sites require the account have at least one published site. We cannot transfer a draft site to another user if their account has not be activated on a subscription.

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