Using the Head Editor to add custom scripts to your site

PageCloud's <head> editor will give you access to adding and removing various snippets of code to the <head> section of your page's HTML. Please be aware that this is seen as more advanced functionality as it does involve a bit of coding.

You can access the head editor by navigating to the PAGE tab in the editing palette

Followed by clicking on the <head> button at the bottom.

The <head> editor will look like this on a blank page. As you add more content, especially third party widgets, you will notice that this will begin to fill up with other snippets of code.

The <head> editor can be very useful in adding snippets of code such as <meta> tags which can be important for SEO purposes. Generally speaking, if you receive instructions to add in meta codes or other snippets of code to the <head> of your page, this is where they will need to be pasted in. We would recommend pasting those snippets of code just before the closing </head> tag to make sure it doesn't interfere with any other code in there.

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