How to Import a Layer from Photoshop

Bring elements or designs from Photoshop onto your PageCloud site.

Copy Layers from Photoshop

  1. Layer Groups need to be merged first. 
  2. Marquee select the content from the art-board and copy into your clipboard by using CMD+C (for Mac) or CTRL+C (for Windows)
  3. Go back into your PageCloud page and use CMD+V (for Mac) or CTRL+V (for Windows) to paste that layer onto your site. 

Drag and Drop from your Desktop

  1. Save the image as a PNG or JPG.
  2. Drag the image from your computer onto your PageCloud page.

Note that if you are using the drag and drop from your computer, this will not support transparencies. For that, you will want to save the layer/image as a PNG and then drag it from your desktop into your PageCloud site.

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