Editing your custom 404 Error Page

A 404 error "Not Found" page appears when you stumble onto a link or page that no longer exists. The term "404" is a standard web term, this is why it appears on the page that displays where the error occurs. The goal is to alert your visitor and provide them a way back to a page that is functioning on your site. 

By default, your PageCloud page will include a standard 404 error page. You can customize this 404 page to have the same visual styling as the rest of your site. 

Create your own 404 error page

  1. Create a new page within your site 
  2. Style this page as you like. There are some common elements a typical 404 error page will include: 
    • Offer visitors a way back to pages that are functional, example back to homepage. 
    • Give contact details for you or your support team. This is helpful if visitors cannot find what they're looking for or advising you about links that are no longer active.
    • Let visitors know that this is a 404 error page.

      3. Click “Save” and title the page “404” to turn it into your very own custom 404 error page. 

To get your creative juices flowing here are a couple links to some of our favourite 404 Error pages:

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