Editing your custom 404 Error Page

A 404 “Not Found” error page is a page that will appear when someone navigating your site stumbles onto a link that is no longer functioning or a page that does not exist.   The term "404" is a standard web term and that is why it appears on the page that is displayed when this error condition occurs.  The goal of a 404 page is alert the end user to the error condition and to provide a path back to a known functioning web page.

By default, your PageCloud page will include a standard 404 error page that looks like this: 

You can customize the 404 error page of your PageCloud site to have the same visual styling as the rest of your website. Here is a quick Example of a custom 404 error page:

To make your own 404 error page, head to the Page browser within your site and create a new page. 

You can style this page just as you would a normal page, however there are some common elements a typical 404 error page will include:

  1. Let them know it's a 404 error page. Be sure to include some mention that the page they are looking for does not exist. 
  2. Offer them a way back to navigate back to a page (or pages) that you know exist, such as the home page or some other popular page within your site. 
  3. Give contact details for you or your support team. This will help visitors get in touch with you when they can’t find what they are looking for and can help you in finding out about outdated links that are still active on your pages. 

Once you're happy with your custom 404 error page, simply save the page and give it the name "404" to have it turned into your very own custom 404 error page. 

Thats it!   Once your new page has been saved as 404, you now have a custom 404 error  page for your PageCloud site. 

To get your creative juices flowing here are a couple links to some of our favourite 404 Error pages:

Lego:  http://www.lego.com/404notfound

GitHub: https://github.com/404

Bitly: https://bitly.com/a/404

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/404

Blizzard: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/not-found.html

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