Editing your Custom 404 Error Page

A 404 error "Not Found" page appears when you stumble onto a link or page that no longer exists. The term "404" is a standard web term, this is why it appears on the page that displays where the error occurs. The goal is to alert your visitor and provide them a way back to a page that is functioning on your site. 

By default, your PageCloud page will include a standard 404 error page. You can customize this 404 page to have the same visual styling as the rest of your site. 

Create your Own 404 Error Page

  1. Create a new page within your site 
  2. Style this page as you like. There are some common elements a typical 404 error page will include: 
    • Offer visitors a way back to pages that are functional, example back to homepage. 
    • Give contact details for you or your support team. This is helpful if visitors cannot find what they're looking for or advising you about links that are no longer active.
    • Let visitors know that this is a 404 error page.

      3. Click “Save” and title the page “404” to turn it into your very own custom 404 error page. 

Check out our blog article here to see fun examples of custom 404 pages.

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