The PageCloud Editor - Learning your way around

The four main sections of a PageCloud editing page

PageCloud Edit Page

Section 1 - The Page

The Page is where you will create your webpage exactly as you'd like it. The default page width for your site is 1080pixels wide. This will provide a good viewing experience for the widest range of visitors to your site. The dashed purple lines will help to show your page’s width. 

Learn more about your Page Width.

Section 2- Editing Menu

The Editing Menu is where you will go to edit different properties of elements on your page.

  1. Style an object.
  2. Arrange an object.
  3. Add effects.

Learn more about the Editing Menu

Section 3 - Side Bar

The Side Bar allows you to add professionally styled content to your page and adjust page settings. 

  1. Add Images, Videos, and Objects.
  2. Add text.
  3. Adjust page settings.

Learn more about the "Side Bar"

Section 4 - Bottom Bar

The Bottom Bar includes two sections. 

1. Left side of the bar is for navigating through or adding new pages to your site. You can also navigate to your site dashboard from here.

Learn how to add and delete pages

2. Right side of the bar gives you access to save your site, connect with support, and hit undo and redo.

Learn the shortcuts to speed up your workflow

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