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Welcome to the Pagecloud editor

1 -Top bar

Update. We recently moved the bottom bar up to the top.

The Top bar provides a permanent locations for global controls that are helpful to have access to at all times.

Controls from left to Right

  • Dashboard.  Will exit the editor and bring you to the dashboard.
  • Pages. Here you can add, switch and manage pages. Learn more
  • Desktop and Mobile mode control
  • Show/Hide hidden objects control
  • Help
  • Undo and Redo
  • Save

Learn more about the top bar

2- Editing menu

The Editing menu is a contextual floating palette that provides you controls that you can use with whatever you have selected. These change based on the Section, Column, Object or Widget you have selected.

If you have an object like a shape, image or text you will see the following tabs.

  • Style. Controls to change the appearance of the selected object(s). Learn more about styling objects
  • Arrange. Controls to change the location and size of the selected object.
  • Link. Controls to link the selection to another page, web site or more. Learn more about links
  • Advanced.  Controls that allow you to add css selectors, javascript and more.

Other things like Sections, Columns, Galleries and Forms will have other tab options as well, tab your time to explore the options available when you interact with them. Learn more about the Editing Menu

3 - Left side bar

The left sidebar provides you with a number of controls that allow you to manage sections, add text, images and more as well as manage your page settings.

From top to bottom.

  • Sections. Here you can sort and manage the sections on your page.
  • Shapes. Add simple shapes to your page that you can use in your designs.
  • Images. Add and reuse images, find premium images from shutter stock and add Galleries to your page.
  • Text. Add text to your page.
  • Video. Add video to your page, we have provided a small library of videos to help you explore.
  • Buttons. Add buttons and social media icons to your pages.
  • Forms. Add pre-built forms to your pages, these can be easily customized.
  • Icons. Add icons to your page.
  • Site menu. Add a menu to your page, these are often place in the header and/or footer.
  • Apps. Add apps (embeds) to your page. The selection in the Apps panel is just a subset of what is available to you.
  • Page settings. Adjust page settings like background color or image, SEO settings, page width and more.
  • Hide Interface. This will hide the UI providing you a clutter free view of your page.

Learn more about the "Side bar"

4 - The Page artboard

The Page artboard is where you will build your webpage. Pagecloud pages are composed of horizontal sections which you can easily add using our Section browser. You can add pre-design sections or start from scratch. Sections support Manual layout, the freeform placement of content, and Auto layout which is more structured and responsive. 

The following links will help you get started with Pagecloud's building blocks;


Pagecloud supports a lot of shortcuts to help you speed up your workflow. Learn more about Shortcuts

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