Set up a blog for your PageCloud site

PageCloud does not have a native blog capability at the moment. Here are some approaches to help you create a blog. 

There are many blogging platforms that exist. Some are free and offer a standard URL to link towards while others have paid options which can give the option for a custom domain, such as 

  1. Use a blogging tool and link to it from your PageCloud site. For example, our PageCloud blog that we link to from our home page and is hosted externally with This will lead your viewers outside of your PageCloud site to an external blogging site.
  2. Many of our users create blog-style articles as separate pages within PageCloud.
  3. They have duplicated their previous pages to serve as a nice starting point for the format.
  4. Create snippets of the article to show on a main page that will then link back to the detailed article pages.
  5. Use the Squeegee Tool to move your existing content down when adding in new articles. 
  6. Embed commenting in your blog by using one of our featured integrations, Disqus.

Some options to look through are:

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