Showcasing your images in a slider/carousel gallery

This note will guide you through the basic steps of creating a slider image gallery on your PageCloud site.

Select all the images you would like to have in your slider gallery by holding shift and selecting each image. The order will be from back to front. This means the photo on top, will be the last photo in the slider gallery. 

*Currently this slider will only allow for images but we will be looking to add support for text objects in a future update.

While the images remain selected, navigate to the effects tab and check the “Image Gallery Box” and select which Image Gallery you’d like to apply.


Your selected images will now appear as shown below. Simply hit “Save” and view live.

When viewing live, you should see your images slide through. You can also use move back and forth in your gallery by clicking the arrows to the Left or Right.

Please note, images will automatically be resized and aligned to match the largest image. From there you can resize it as you please within the editor.

You can update your slider options by selecting the slider and opening the JavaScript editor by hitting your J and then S keys.

Order of Images:

The order of your images is determined based off of their position, relative to your page. It will start with the top-left most image (favoring the top) then go right as if you're reading a book, dropping to the next row after. See the below images for an example of the order:

Even if an image is further left, it will still start with the top-most image as you can see with the image below.

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