Adding Google Adwords to your page

Google Adwords allows you to make advertisements that will appear in relevant Google searches and on different AdSense-enabled sites. Google Adwords is a helpful service to add to your PageCloud site as it tracks conversion of visitors coming to your site from your ads and how they interact with your site once they get there.

PageCloud makes it easy to use Google Adwords on your site. 

To start, head to your Google Adwords account and copy the embed code they provide. 

Next, head to the PageCloud Page and paste the embed code directly into your PageCloud site.

A box will appear on the bottom center of the page letting you know an external script has been added. 

Hit the "Save" button or use CMD+S (on Mac) or CTRL+S (on Windows) to save the code to your Page. 

To verify your code has been properly added to your Page you can use the Google Tag Assistant Browser Extension available here.

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