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What is the Pagecloud Partner Program?

The Pagecloud Partner Program is a program where you can earn money for sharing Pagecloud! This program is simple and free to join. As a partner you’ll have a unique link that you can share with your community. Share your Pagecloud partner link and earn 20% lifetime revenue share for every new customer that signs up with your link. Plus you get to extend a 20% discount to your community, everybody is winning! There are no limits on the amount you can earn.

Visit our Partner Program page. (

What is my partner link?

Your partner link is a url that is unique to you. This link directs people who click on it to Those that use your link and go on to subscribe to Pagecloud will count as referred customers and you will receive a 20% lifetime revenue share for those customers.

Who can join the Pagecloud Partner Program?

The Pagecloud Partner Program is designed to reward anyone who is as passionate about websites as we are! Whether you’re just starting to build an audience as an influencer, educator or blogger or you are already established as a marketer, designer or agency, you can earn money with this program. Even if you just love sharing Pagecloud with your friends this program is for you! 

Why should I join the Pagecloud Partner Program?

To make money! We want to reward you for sharing Pagecloud with others. That’s why we do not have any restrictions on the amount you can earn with this program and your revenue sharing is for the lifetime value of the subscription.

How do I get paid?

You get paid by sharing your partner link with people that go on to subscribe to Pagecloud. Your referrals start with a free account. Once their payment comes through, your reward will show up in your Partnerstack account. Payments are made 15 days after the end of each month, and you will be able to cash out your earned rewards via Stripe or PayPal.

In order to get paid as a Pagecloud partner, you’ll need to have a PayPal or Stripe account. You will enter the email associated with your PayPal or Stripe account in the payment settings of your Partnerstack account. Learn more about collecting your payments here.

What is Partnerstack?

Partnerstack is the third party service that manages the tracking, reporting and payments of the partner program. 

How do I join the Pagecloud Partner Program?

You can start right away by applying for the program here!  Once approved you will have a unique referral link and access to track your link performance and earnings! Your referral link and tracking is all managed through your Partnerstack dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees to join the program?

There are no fees associated with the Pagecloud Partner Program. It is free to participate and easy to join.

Can I become an affiliate if I live outside Canada and the United States?

Yes you can!

Do I need to disclose that I’m using a partner link to my audience?

As a Pagecloud partner, we ask that you comply with the advertising regulations for your region and tell your audience you are using partner links. You can make the disclosure within the content itself, or you can provide a page to your audience where they can read a full disclosure.

What resources will Pagecloud offer to help me succeed?

With this program you will have access to a resource centre that is full of helpful materials and promotional assets. You will also have your own custom dashboard that tracks your shares, clicks, converted referrals and of course your payout!

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