Include maps with Google Maps

Google Maps offers a free mapping service that lets you show off a specific location, or directions to/from a specific location online. You can take the Google Map embed code and place your map right onto your PageCloud page to help highlight a specific location to your visitors, such as where your business is located, or where a meetup is happening. 

There are a few ways to add a Google map to your PageCloud site.  

  • Method 1:  Open the map in a new window or tab and navigate to the desired location.  Then drag the Google map URL to your page and PageCloud will automatically create a map widget.  
  • Method 2:  Copy the map URL to the clipboard, and paste it on your page.  Remember to first de-select all screen objects before pasting by hitting the Escape key.  
  • Method 3:  In most browsers, you can drag a URL over another browser tab, hold for a moment, and when the tab becomes active you can drop the URL onto your page.

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