Autoplay Video on Mobile Devices

PageCloud gives you the ability to set videos to autoplay on mobile devices. 

Video Requirements

  • .MP4 video (under 10MB in size) uploaded directly to PageCloud.
  • Video is set to Muted and Autoplay.

Mobile Operating System Support

  •  iOS 10+ within Safari and Chrome. 
  • Android devices running Chrome version 53+.

To Activate Autoplay Video on Mobile Devices

  1. In Mobile edit mode, select the video you'd like to autoplay.
  2. Head to the video tab in the Editing Menu.
  3. Select the Autoplay checkbox. 
  4. If the video has audio, select the Mute checkbox.
  5. Click Save and View live from a supported mobile device to have your video autoplay.

Autoplay video can lead to longer load times on mobile devices and can reduce the battery life of the device being used. Shorter videos that are smaller in file size are strongly recommended.
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