Embed Vcita for scheduling, payments and CRM

Vcita is extremely helpful for those that want to include an a combination of online scheduling, payments, document sharing and a CRM element right Into your PageCloud page through one centralized service. They offer many integrations that can be embedded directly onto your PageCloud page, and provide a back end solution to manage all of those service through their own website.

To start, head to Vctia and copy the embed code they provide.

Next, head to the PageCloud site you'd like to embed your Vctia actions on and paste the embed code using  the CMD+V (on Mac) or CTRL+V (on Windows) shortcuts. 

A box will appear on the bottom center of the page letting you know an external script has been added. 

Hit the "Save" or use CMD+S (on Mac) or CTRL+S (on Windows) to save the code to your Page. 

Click "View Live" to see your Vctia Actions on the lower left and and uper left sides of the page.

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