Verifying site ownership with Google Verifcation

Google will occasionally ask you to verify your site ownership in order to use certain Google services. They have a nice guide explaining this over at for your reference.

In order to add Google Verification to your site, we would recommend making use of the HTML TAG method which requires you to add in a snippet of code into the <head> of your home page. They will provide you with the following code along with a specific string of digits. 

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="String_we_ask_for">

Simply copy this code they provide and go to your PageCloud site's home page in edit mode. Click the page tab within the editing palette 

Then click the <head> button to open up the <head> editor.

Paste the code within the <head> editor just before the closing </head> tag like so:

Hit SAVE&CLOSE and then save your page.

You may then need to complete the verification on Google's end which will detect this code on your site.

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