How to move all content up and down the page

The Squeegee Tool allows you to move multiple objects below a horizontal plane at once. This allows you to move all your content all at once.  

You can use the tool to push all of the content below the Squeegee line down to create some blank space, or pull all the same content up to close a gap.

Look for this icon : 

To use the Squeegee Tool

  1. Select an object.
  2. Click on the Squeegee icon, usually found on the middle left side of the object.
  3. Drag up or down to create or close space 

There are a few modifiers for this as well.

  1. Hold Option (for Mac) or Alt (for Windows) and drag the arrow. This will also move any objects that intersect with the horizontal squeegee line.
  2. You can also double click on the icon to automatically select all objects below that point.

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