Learning PageCloud


Get Started Quickly with PageCloud
A helpful guide to get you up and running with PageCloud
The PageCloud Editor - Learning your Way Around
Where to find things within the PageCloud editor
The Editing Menu - Changing an object's properties
Using the PageCloud Editing Menu to adjust objects and your page.
The Sidebar - Getting content onto your site
The Sidebar allows you add different content to your page and adjust page specific settings. The Sidebar will expand when selected to show you different bins of content and page settings.
The Bottom Bar in edit mode - What it does
PageCloud's Bottom Bar gives you the ability to Switch between Desktop and Mobile mode, Save and View your work, and reach out to support.
Sections - Building the Areas of your Website
How to build your website quickly and easily with sections...
Speed up your Work with Shortcuts
Using Shortcuts to improve your workflow on PageCloud
Publish your Site
To share your site with the world, Publish your website with PageCloud...
PageCloud Teams - Add Users to your Site
Invite Team members to your website to help with the editing and managing of your site...
Set your Page Width
How to set your website's page width...
Get a Custom Email with Google G Suite
How to get a custom email with G Suite with your website...
Exploring the Video Panel
Adjust video preferences on your website.
Accessing the JavaScript Editor
How to access the JavaScript editor to add custom JS on your website...
Accessing the Body Editor - Custom HTML Code
How to add custom HTML code to your website with the body editor...
Use the Head Editor to Add Custom Scripts to your Site
How to add custom CSS and meta tags to your website...