The Bottom Bar in edit mode - What it does

The Bottom Bar provides a range of administrative controls. You can save, view, access help, change views (desktop or mobile) and access all the pages in your site. 

The Bottom Bar stretches across the bottom of the PageCloud editor screen. 

Check out position number 4 in the image below.

PageCloud Editing Page

Site Navigation - Left side

This is where you’ll find all the links to your sites within PageCloud. Click "Site Settings" to view the current site you’re working on and all the pages within that site. 

View Mode - Center

The center is where you can toggle between different modes of your site. By clicking mobile, you'll be able to edit the mobile version. And by clicking desktop, you'll edit the desktop version — but by default, you'll always enter editing the desktop version.

Quick tip : Not ready to show your mobile version yet? Disable it by clicking on the checkbox on the right of the word “Mobile”. By doing this, visitors on mobile will see a scaled down version of the desktop mode. 

Learn more about mobile mode here 

Support, Save and View Live - Right side 

You have options to reach out for support via "Help", save your work by clicking "Save" and click "View Live" to see your site.  Can’t forget about the “Shortcuts” to speed up your workflow. 

Click here to learn more. 

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