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Update: we recently moved the bottom bar up to the top to improve the usability of the editor. We understand that this change can take some getting used to, we hope you will like it as much as we do.

From left to right.


Clicking on "Dashboard" will exit the editor and bring you to the dashboard.


Your active page name is displayed along with an indicator of what state your page is in (draft, live, pending publish etc.)

Clicking "Pages" will expand a drawer that lists all the pages from your site. From here you can do the following:

  • Expand the pages view to see more pages
    • Click the chevron (up arrow) to the right to the Pages view. 
    • Clicking it again will make the view smaller.
  • Create a new page
  • Open another page in the editor
  • Duplicate an existing page
  • Rename a page
  • Delete a page
  • Close the pages drawer

Desktop and Mobile mode view

Update: we have recently replaced the breakpoint bar with this new control.

Switch between viewing the desktop and mobile view of the current page using these controls. The view that is highlighted in color is the current view.

Show and Hide hidden

You can hide objects in one mode (desktop or mobile) and show them in another.  This control allows you to hide and show objects set to hidden so they don't clutter your page in the editor.

Toggle the visibility of hidden objects in the editor using the Show and Hide hidden objects. This allows you to keep your editor view free of clutter and display objects set to hide when you want to interact with them.

  1. In the editor, locate the Show and Hide hidden control located in the middle of the top bar beside the Mobile and Desktop mode controls.
  2. You may see the following:
    • Control is disabled (transparent and not clickable) you have no Hidden objects
    • If the control shows "Show hidden (2)", this means you have 2 hidden objects that are not displayed. 
      • Clicking this control will make those objects set to Hide visible. They are still set to Hide but you can now interact with them.
    • If the control shows "Hide hidden (2)", this means you have to  2 objects set to Hide that are visible.
      • Clicking this control will make those objects set to Hide hidden from view.

Learn about hiding and showing objects


Clicking help will open a popup that provides you our support hours as well as links to the knowledge base, chat and helpful blog posts.

Undo and Redo

We all need undo and redo from time to time. Here you can access the controls, you can also use the following shortcuts.

Undo: CMD+Z (on Mac) or CTRL+Z (on Windows)

Redo: CMD+SHIFT+Z (on Mac) or CTRL+SHIFT+Z (on Windows)

Learn more about Undo


We recommend saving your page often. From the save control you can do the following:

  • Save your page
  • Preview your page (if it's a draft or your site is not published). The preview will open in a new window.
  • View live. This will open the published view (live) in a new window.
  • Unpublish. This will unpublished the current page and it will no longer be available online.
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