Exploring the Video panel

PageCloud’s Video Panel provides you with numerous additions and enhancements that you can apply directly to videos on your PageCloud site.

To start, we would recommend bringing a video into your site. We currently support adding in videos from sources like VimeoYoutube and Wistia as well as the ability to drag in videos in the MP4* format directly from your computer.

*Please Note*
We highly recommend you optimize your MP4’s file size prior to uploading it to your PageCloud site as large video files can cause performance issues when loading. There are many free video optimizer services available online that can help you with this such as ClipChamp 

Once the video is located on your site, you can then select it and hop into the video panel within the palettes.

Depending on where your video was imported from, you will have a few options including Autoplay to have your video commence as soon as the page loads, or looping capabilities that are useful for looping short videos or animation techniques.

One thing to note is that some of these options (for example: Autoplay) is only available on desktop browsers and will not automatically trigger on mobile devices. If you would rather not have the video present on mobile mode, we would recommend using our "hide" keyboard shortcut to hide it from that mode. 

The Video Panel also offers the ability to set a Poster video, stretching your video to the full width of the screen based on your viewer’s window size, as well as a background video which will fill the entire window.

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