Exploring the Video panel

PageCloud’s Video panel provides you with numerous additions and enhancements that you can apply directly to videos on your PageCloud site.

The Video panel can provide additions and enhancements to your videos. 

  1. Add a video into your site by using Vimeo, Youtube and Wistia.
  2. Have a video on your computer you’d like to use? Drag in video in using the MP4 format. 
  3. Once you upload the video, select it and hop into the “Video” panel in the Editing Menu.
  4. Depending on the source of the video, chose between "Autoplay" to have the video play as soon as the page loads or "Loop" to continually play. “
  5. The video can also allow to set a "Poster" video, stretch to full width of screen (depending on viewer's window size) and as a background video. 


  • Optimize your MP4 file before uploading to your PageCloud site. This may cause performance issues when loading. Many free video optimizers are available such as ClipChamp.
  • Autoplay is only available for desktop browsers. This will not play automatically on mobile devices. Use the “Hide” feature to have the video not present on your mobile mode. 

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