Pagecloud Start: Creating a free one page website

You can build a one page website absolutely free with Pagecloud Start! You can use this as your starting point for your full website, or use it to design your custom landing page. 

Get started with Pagecloud Start

  1.  Sign up for a Pagecloud account with an email and password
  2.  Choose a template: we have many templates designed specifically for your one page website. You can also choose from a selection of Sections. Learn more about working with Sections here.
  3.  Customize your website. Learn more about using the Pagecloud editor here.
  4.  Once your one page website is complete, publish your page and you will be prompted to select a plan. Select Pagecloud Start's free plan.
  5. Your site is now live and published on a domain. 

Please note: Custom domains, favicons, redirects, team members, blogs, password protected pages, and form exports are NOT available with Pagecloud Start. To use these features, upgrade to a premium plan.

Pagecloud Start and Forms

You can add 1 custom form to your Pagecloud Start page! To learn more about working with Pagecloud forms, check out this article

Pagecloud branding

Your Pagecloud Start page includes a Made in Pagecloud button. To remove this branding you will need to upgrade to a Premium plan.

Pagecloud Start allows you to create unlimited draft pages! You no longer need to sign up for a free trial in order to start building your full website. 

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