Using custom fonts with Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a huge online directly of fonts that are licensed under “free to use” terms to give you access to a more personalized font selection on your PageCloud page. You can easily browse and include these fonts right onto your PageCloud page to add an extra bit of flair to your existing site layout. 

PageCloud integrates with the free Google font service.  There are several ways to add a custom Google font to your page.  

  • First, you can open a font preview on Google Fonts in a new window. You can then copy the font URL to the clipboard, and paste it onto your page.  Remember to de-select all screen objects before pasting, by pressing Escape. The font will automatically be linked to your page and show up in the text editor for use.  
  • Second, you can open the font preview in a new window, and drag the font URL to your page. As before, the font will automatically be linked. Third, you can select a sample of the custom font right off a Google Fonts page, copy the fonted text to the clipboard, and paste it onto your PageCloud page. In most cases, PageCloud will automatically detect the usage of a custom font and auto link it for you.  
  • Finally, there is a shortcut key combination. First press "N", then "F", one after another, quickly, to indicate a New Font. A dialog will appear asking you for the name of a recognized Google Font. This is a handy way to add fonts you use regularly.
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