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    How to connect your custom domain to your website
  2. Import Page Layout

    The Import Page Layout feature allows you to start building a website in PageCloud by moving the design you own from your previous website. This feature only imports visual layout content. Content such as as backend databases, payment systems and an...
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    A helpful guide to get you up and running with PageCloud
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  5. Adding an effect to an object when you hover over it

    Add an animated effect to an object offered by Hover.css Download this file to be able to create your effects. Find the file and unzip it on your computer. Drag the hover.css file on to your page where you want to creat...
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    How to create a link on your website
  7. Showcasing your images in a slider/carousel gallery

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    Where to find things within the PageCloud editor
  10. Set up a blog for your PageCloud site

    PageCloud does not have a native blog capability at the moment. Here are some approaches to help you create a blog.  There are many blogging platforms that exist. Some are free and offer a standard URL to link towards while others have paid op...